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Personal Tutor to help you become an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer (CQE). Excellent opportunity to start and build a career in the field of Quality.

How are we different ?

Our course is designed to help you learn and grow in the field of Quality engineering with a unique combination of active learning and extensive practice.

Study material (CQE Primer)

We provide you with the right course material that is actually useful and effective. Get what’s required and don’t waste your time buying books through internet that are really not useful.

1000+ practice questions

We provide you with quick question bank that can help you prepare for the ASQ-CQE exams effectively and efficiently. Questions that matter and that provide with required knowledge and skills.

Exam simulation

We run you through exam question and 1×1 mock preparation to know your reediness to take the ASQ-CQE exams. We will provide you with our expert opinion on when you are ready or what you need to excel upon.

Practical applications

Learn from industry experts. Many coaching institutes out there hire teachers who have no practical knowledge at all. Your tutor Shrey has years industry leading experience and will run you through practical examples of how things are done in real life.

Tips to crack the ASQ exam

Exams are always tricky, and preparing for it can be also. Luckily, we have the skills and knowledge of preparing you for an exam that will help you crack the ASQ-CQE certification exam quickly and efficiently.

Short 3 Month Course

We believe in efficiency. Our course duration is designed to prepare you for the exam in the best possible way. Too longer of a course and you start loosing interest. Too short of a course and you do not learn enough to crack the exam.

What Our Students Say

Some kind words from our respected students


Shrey is really an awesome teacher. He is patient and his teaching skills are extraordinary. He helped me crack the exam in one go.

J Kelly


I was unsure if ASQ-CQE exam was for me or not, luckily their consultation helped me get through things and now I am Certified Quality Engineer (CQE)

A Smith


Awesome is much less of a statement I want to say. Teaching, course material, practical knowledge, practice test, everything was just awesome.

C Johnson

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