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We here at CQE Coach help you gain useful knowledge, which in turn will help you crack your ASQ-CQE exam like a breeze.

Course Delivery

CQE Coach believes in freedom of learning. In this current pandemic situation as well as understanding our students requirements, we offer full online learning.

Unlike old times where you would have to travel to our place every weekend and getting stuck in traffic for hours and getting exhausted, now you can learn from the conform of your home.

Unlike others, we don’t offer pre-recorded sessions or have 100+ students in one session, we offer personalized coaching. Meaning, our each batch will have upto max 5 students which helps us offer more personalized coaching as well as an opportunity to get your questions answered. We go at really slow pace and make sure you understand each concepts thoroughly.

Once COVID-19 has subsided, we will also offer both in-person as well as online coaching to maximize your options.

Why Study With Us?

CQE Coach offers the best tools to help you crack ASQ-CQE Certification exam. We don’t make false promises. Exam is not easy but with right coaching techniques and our teaching pattern, we can help you understand each and every concepts of the exam as well as we prepare you to bring the best out of you.

Our teach you basics with real life examples as well as provide you with necessary study material so you don’t have to spend money on getting any other study material.

Just understand and study what we provide and that will be 99.99% enough to crack the exam successfully.

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